Do schools have to pay to be involved in The School Business Register?
It is FREE to list your school to start a school business register for your school community.
How does the school community find out about the School Business Register?
Schools can add the link to The School Business Register to the school website. Parents can then search The School Business Register for FREE anytime. Let your community know by adding it to your next e-newsletter.
Why should we start a School Business Register in our school?
The benefits of buying local and supporting the growing community of families and business in our area is great - it builds community spirit, prosperity and greater educational opportunities for our kids. The School Business Register connects business and schools in a positive way, bringing a greater financial benefit to the school and families involved.
How does a school start a School Business Register?
Go to www.schoolbusinessregister.com.au and click the link ‘Register your School’ name. This is free. Once your school name is listed, any parent in your school community can register their business under that school name.
Do schools earn fundraising?
Parents and families that register a business on the School Business Register will have the option to donate a minimum amount to their local school. This will be sent to the school throughout the year.
How does a parent Register a Business?
Registering a business is FREE. Visit www.schoolbusinessregister.com and click the link ‘Register a Business’.
Can you list a business in other school registers?
If your business is local and is of benefit to the parents and families in that local school community, it can be listed. However, the School Business Register will make the final decision on the business listing.
Do you have to be a parent business in a school to add a business?
Yes. You also need to provide goods and services that is of benefit to the local families in that area, to be listed. The School Business Register will make the final decision on the business listing.
How can a listed business reach the growing network of parents connected to the School Business Register?
A business has the option to BOOST its listing, which leverages the business into the e-newsletter sent to hundreds of parents. A business can also BUY an exclusive e-newsletter to share an offer or special with the network. A business can also DONATE to their local school at any time. See the registration page.